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Journeyman III

Possible driver issue playing Horizion Zero Dawn with a 6900XT compared to a 5700XT.

Hi all,

First time poster here so hopefully I picked the right sub forum.  Got myself a 6900XT last week and thought I finally buy Horizon Zero Dawn, but then found out that there seem to be a issue.  First thought it was something in the game patches as other users with AMD GPU's had the fault as well.  BUT, switching out the 6900XT to a 5700XT and keeping everything else the same, i.e. drivers and game patch, it seems like it might be the RDNA2 architecture maybe ?

Here is a screenshot using the 6900XT

Using the 6900XT GPUUsing the 6900XT GPU

Here is a screenshot using the 5700XT

Using a 5700XT GPUUsing a 5700XT GPU

As can be seen, there is quiet some difference in those two pictures.  Nothing else has been changed part from the GPU's.

Other specs that might be useful is:

CPU - Ryzen 9 5900X
32GB of RAM
Motherboard - Gigabyte Aorus X570 Master
Windows 10 Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.685)
AMD DSriver 20.12.1

And yes, I have tried the latest AMD driver 21.1.1 and it looks just like the above 6900XT picture so no difference between the drivers, just between the cards.  Which make me suspect it might be the difference between RDNA and RDNA2 maybe ?

In any case, thought it might be worth posting here since it is a bit of a strange issue and might be something AMD want to have a look at ?

Thank you for any and all suggestions to this particular problem.


Edit.  Added a screeny of the Map Location as well, incase anyone at AMD want to have a look personally.  Down at the right bottom, where it says "Place waypoint", the village there is Mother's Craddle, for extra reference.

Location where the missing trees are at.Location where the missing trees are at.

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Adept III

Re: Possible driver issue playing Horizion Zero Dawn with a 6900XT compared to a 5700XT.

interesting screenshots and i can see on the 6900xt that the trees is missing.
No matter what resolution you select ingame trees should be visible, so i think that this is a driver bug or a bug specific for this game.. The 6900xt is very new so bugs are to be expected.
But it do look really wird that trees are missing.

I own a 6900xt my self and i know there is a bug report tool build into the AMD radeon software.
Right click on your desktop somewhere and click radeon software in the menu that pop up.
And in the top right corner of the screen there is a bug report tool.
In there make your report and attach your screenshots.

Journeyman III

Re: Possible driver issue playing Horizion Zero Dawn with a 6900XT compared to a 5700XT.

Thank you @delevero I was told about that tool by a friend after I made this thread, so have reported it that way as well.  I have not experienced any bug similar to this one in Hitman that I am playing instead of Horizon Zero Dawn, since I sure prefer the look of the 5700XT picture, but since I borrowed it just for the comparison I just have to wait until it been fixed.  Hopefully AMD, if it is a driver issue, will be able to fix it soon and do a driver hotfix release, if lucky !