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Adept III

Poor performance in Eve Online with Crimson Drivers

I am experiencing poor performance in Eve Online after updating my drivers to the new Crimson drivers "both initial and latest beta release". This problem did not exist in 15.7.1. There are also other players in the Eve forums complaining about the same issue. When Vsync is enabled in game aka "Interval one" in graphic options the GPU never seems to get above 475mhz and have horrible frame rate drops. This occurs even after disabling "HDR, Light Rays and AA" which were not an issue in previous driver versions. I submitted a ticket to Eve support and got this reply.

GM Tron   Today at 08:06  


Thank you for contacting customer support.

We cannot support beta drivers, so this is something that AMD will need to address. In the mean time as far as EVE support goes, we would recommend rolling back to a supported driver. If this is still a problem when the driver leaves beta, we would ask you to please file a bug report from in-game. The reason for this is that it will automatically include some diagnostic information about your PC and client to aid in the bug report investigation. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Best Regards,
GM Tron
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