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Journeyman III

Polaris GPU hw VP9 decode

David Glenn AMD's Sr. fellow design ingeneer promise to add VP9 codec hardware decoding support back in 2016 - four years ago. He said "we will add it via driver update later in the year". I want to ask. How its goin' so far? Years go by, VP9 codec becomes more actual, acpecially if you want to watch 4k youtube. 

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VP9 is largely backed by Google and it is royalty free but I am not sure if a given package supports it

VLC player can play pretty much anything

Media conversion tends to be fee liable.


I have recently test some new hardware - rx5500 xt, i put it in my 6 y.o. system (i5 2550k)  and it successfully accelerated VP9 videos in youtube, but when I take it out and put in my own rx 580 all work ware made by CPU. Polaris GPUs can't accelerate VP9 codec, tho AMD promise it would.


I run across some encoding jobs run faster on my cpu than on my RX 480, go figure

Journeyman III

Hi today 20/02/2022 AMD not IMPLEMENTED VP9 codec for Polaris Graphics Cards at the last DRIVERs, I have a RX 480 8GB, please fix these problem.