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Adept III

Please, bring video upscaler for RDNA 2 (RX6000)

I didn't seen a mention, this function will be locked to RX 7000 series, now, after antilag+, this is second technology locked behind newgen wall. I don't buy it. That's why I didn't chooses Nvidia and went with AMD rDNA 2 - I trusted in open standards. Now I'm slowly starting to regret it. 24.1.1 drivers are release and this works (or not, seeing people complains on Reddit) only on RDNA3.

Don't force me to buy Intel GPU in next year.

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Adept I

I agree i went with a 6750XT as it was a worthy upgrade but im not happy seeing features locked to new gen only 

Sure if it REQUIRES hardware that's only available after rdna3 sure i can understand it.
But software features SHOULD be universal no matter what.

I second this. What trash behaviour from AMD who always struts around like the good open source company releasing their tech for even nvidia cards. Now they look just as bad as jensen leather fetish man.