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Please address status of driver's successor (ETA) and DOOM on Vulkan

Hey ray_m & amdmatt​,

Although last weeks (DOOM hotfix beta driver) was most welcome with many seeing a fairly substantial boost in performance, it also brought a slew of issues, which are by now I'm sure well know by AMD staff such as unstable performance, unacceptable fluctuating frame rates and frame times in both single and multiplayer components, system crashes, random crash to desktop, Crimson profiles and features not functioning properly (FRTC, VSR, Scaling) etc. The hotfix beta driver has caused multiple non-DOOM specific issues for those who have downloaded and installed it in general such as loss of Crossfire across all applications universally, loss of system stability and more.

If possible, could you perhaps answer these few basic questions to bring some clarity to the AMD community to ease the frustrations of the latest ongoing issues, as well as inform us as to the outlook of future support of Vulkan in DOOM that hasn't been directly addressed to the AMD community?

When will the successor to the beta hotfix be released (ETA)?

It's sorely needed for multiple reasons as mentioned above, it's an incredibly unstable driver overall.

Will the successor to the beta hotfix bring performance in DOOM in line in terms of both stability, reliability and performance to where they should be in comparison to their direct competitors such as the GTX970, 980, 980ti/R9 290(X), R9 390(x), Nano and Fury(X)?

Even after the beta hotfix driver, performance in DOOM is most definitely sub par as to where they should be for these lines of AMD GPU's, in comparison to their direct competitors. In regards to the Gtx 970, there is still a minimum of a 7%-12% differential when directly compared in single player campaign, but most especially its multiplayer component. Performance is terrible in multiplayer for AMD cards. The GTX 970 shouldn't be out performing the R9 290(x), let alone substantially outperforming the R9 Fury(X) in all benchmarks conducted thus far in terms of both stability, reliability and performance. Let's not even get into the differentials between the Gtx 980ti and the above mentioned AMD Gpu's, that's just embarrassing.

When DOOM receives the Vulkan support patch, will AMD Vulkan compatible video cards receive said patch support upon its day one Vulkan DOOM release as well, while being fully functional in game?

This hasn't been clarified as of yet and there are thousands AMD/DOOM players questioning this since the Nvidia PAX DOOM on Vulkan reveal. There needs to be better communication to the AMD community after such a display, because after the horrendous AMD/DOOM launch, many in the community are fearing the worst in regards to DOOM's Vulkan future patch release for AMD Vulkan compatible graphics cards.

Anyways, thank you for your time. Clarity would be much appreciated ray_m & amdmatt​, you know it's unlike me to question so heavily in regards to driver updates, but DOOM is near and dear to my heart unlike any other franchise and I have to admit, this release has been a bit disappointing, because of the less than stellar performance since release. Fantastic game, but terrible drivers this time around, I can't lie.

Thank you and have a nice day to all at AMD.

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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Re: Please address status of driver's successor (ETA) and DOOM on Vulkan

I agree. I purchased 2 Sapphire Nitro R9 390's and i get bad performance. In the Division on HIGH settings im only getting 30 fps but its more like 20 once i start walking around. This is unacceptable! AMD needs a Quality Manager (fire the person you have now). Because in order to be the best you need to be structured for customer needs.

Please get your heads out of your rear ends and get on it!

You have been VIOLATED!

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Re: Please address status of driver's successor (ETA) and DOOM on Vulkan

Dang savagebeastzero​ you should have asked sooner

AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.5.3

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Please address status of driver's successor (ETA) and DOOM on Vulkan

As above, the new drivers are now available.

I can't really talk about Vulkan performance in this title.