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Journeyman III

Please add per application graphic settings into AMD Radeon Minimal installation


it would be nice if we were able to tweak individual graphics settings with the minimal installation, it's the only things I found that the Minimal Installation miss. With this, the Radeon Software Minimal installation would be on part with Nvidia Control Panel without all the junk added from their drivers. 

I've switched from the first time since I game on PC since 1996 to AMD Radeon, I really like the shaper image quality, more vivid color, less input lag, but the Adrenalin suite performance impact might make me reconsider my purchase and futur purchase therefore.

Radeon software Minimal installation is a step in the right direction. All the important settings to tweak without all junk for those who just want to play with maximum performance.

Could you please add a "Power Management Mode" settings too, please?

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Community Manager

I'm seeing a lot of members making the same post twice.

What is the reason ? Did you not see the first post appear on the forum ? I'm trying to track down the reason behind this.



I think it's a personal mistake: I wrote the post before registering, then It asked me to register before posting, then I registered, but since there was no confirmation of my thread being created after being registered, and I didn't know you had to confirm you e-mail before being able to post, I reposted the same post a second time, I saw after the confirmation mail in my mailbox.