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Journeyman III

Pixelated screen in RDR2 after Alt Tab (At times)


I am experiencing this issue since I bought this Acer Nitro 5 Laptop with RDR2 where if I Alt-Tab the game, the part of the screen that, for example, chromes opens on, gets pixelated. (I will also attach some photos)

This seems to get fixed if I update the driver of the AMD processor via the autodetect driver on the website. However, after a few hours, days, or a few reboots, the AMD Adrenaline software will refuse to open and say that it's not compatible. A factory reset of the software + reinstall will fix this, but this will happen again in a few x units of measurement. 

This happened earlier as well - reset the software and reinstalled it - fixed it again. 

I am looking for a permanent solution here, however. Does anyone have any suggestions? 

Thank you in advance! Screenshot (41).pngScreenshot (42).pngScreenshot 2022-12-07 114235.pngScreenshot (47).png


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