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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

Pixel Flicker, Flashing


Computer Type: Desktop

 GPU: RX570 8GB

 CPU: Intel i5 9400F

 Motherboard: H310H5 M11001

RAM : HyperX 8GB 2666Mhz CL18

Hello, my video card is rx 570 8GB. Until yesterday I could use it without a problem. But at the moment there are some pixels in the browser, in the game. What is the problem ? How can I get out of this situation? It has not even been a year since I received this video card. These pixels are not fixed. It moves as I move my mouse. I cannot enter any game. I tried it on Crusader Kings 3 and Assassins Creed Valhalla. In CK3, there is no problem like dismissing the game, but the game is not to be played. Sometimes the problem in the browser disappears and it works stably.

I tried to revert to old drivers

I tried DDU

I tried removing the video card from Device Manager and re-activating it.