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Adept I

PC stuttering with new drivers 18.7.1 (and some older)

I've always been a FAN of AMD (and ATi)... used to "argue" with friends about that... ppl just love Intel and nVIDIA... and I was the "opposite guy".... Only had 1 Intel and 1 nVIDIA for my entire life... everytime I decide to give "one more try" to my beloved AMD....

But I think it's my last... next time I think it will be nVIDIA + Intel...

But let's talk about the problems...

I have this topic complaining about Corel problems...

Never got a solution....

Now with Adrenalin 18.7.1 AMD posted that "CorelDraw™ may experience slower than expected performance" and it was FIXED! I thought WOW! Got there and installed the driver... BUT... as reported here:

This drives STUTTER the whole PC! So, HOW can I be helped? If the drive AMD says it will fix my problem, F*CK the whole system?

Give me a break AMD!

BTW The latest stable driver is 18.3.4 can't use any newer!

This was posted here aswell:

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Adept I

Nothing here? I need to use newer drivers but just CAN'T!


Hi there,

I don't experience this particular problem but as a fellow member I will list down a few things that may help you:

1)  Make sure windows update doesn't install its own version of display driver.

2)  Ensure the drivers for all other devices in the computer are up-to-date.

3)  Keep Windows updated.

4)  See if any process/program (e.g. monitoring software), running in the background doesn't conflict with AMDs services/driver.


Hello there!

1) I uninstalled using DDU in safe mode and internet turned off, so, no.... windows didn't install it's own driver.

2) They are all @ latest

3) Windows is updated

4) Don't think so because some drivers do work and some don't... 18.5.1 is working fine... but Corel is shitty...

BTW I've tried to use Windows driver (it's 17.1.1) and was working with Corel without any problems... but it doesn't have Adrenalin options like Overlay...

I'll wait for a fix or else I'll have to use old drivers again... AMD has to do something...


I would report this issue to AMD > Email Form


I'll give a try!

Adept I

18.8.1 was released and SAMW Stuttering problem... cmon AMD!!! You can do it better! I Can't remove 1 monitor to use it.. I work with all 3 of them!