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PC shuts and reopens

Hi. My laptop had been suddenly shutting down***.It reopens after 5minsI've discounted heat problems (it stands on a Belco fan base) and problems with sites (I first thought it was and Flash problems - it's happened after I've been on it for 6 hours and also six minutes.

I was given a link to OSR (OSR Online - The Home Page for WindowsDriver Developers).

Everything they do is way over my head - apart from one thing, their Online Crash Analyser - this produces a report of the minidump. It clearly relates to a problem with my AMD drivers.

I have an HP Envy laptop (OEM) Bought Dec 2015 the main processor is AMD A10-8700P Quad-core 1.8 GHz 2 MB cache with an AMD Radeon R6 Graphics card.

Microsoft usually most of my drivers - The last AMD update was on the 1st December 2017 KB4051963. KB4048955 failed to install on the 15th November - Laptop showing as Up-to-Date

The problems first appeared on the 27th November 2017, which appears to back up the minidump analysis.

What do you suggest? Do you want to see the Minidump analysis?

PS apologies but as I'm doing this, typing a letter deletes the next one. And despite me putting info here via Notepad, I seem to have different fonts!!

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I already filled in the 'select driver' form...except for the OS.

But you are right..if you don't feel confident take it to someone who can assist/do it for you.

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Win10 Home x64 (sorry - I'll add my system specn soon

PS are you assuming it's the graphics processor  rather than the main one?


There is only one. Read.

Laptop graphics update...How to

Hi Kingfish.

At one stage that article says that laptops have different drivers from desktops yet when it came to describing what I have, the choice was between  computer and mobile. As a result I'm not at all sure that I completed the answers correctly and so I now have no confidence that installing anything will cure my laptop or kill it.

It then tells me that my driver is now a legacy and is not being supported, so that AMD can concentrate on new stuff (= sorting out the current mess). My laptop is a little over 2 years old and already the processor/driver is no longer supported? That doesn't cheer me up.  I'll just have to find out how much a local expert will charge to do it & then decide if it's worth getting it done now, moving to the Crimson Edition or waiting for the GCN Architecture. Thank you for your help but the process s way above my technical competence/confidence. Cheers.

PS This is what made me think it was locked - just a case of not being familiar with the forum!

AMD discussion is locked 2018-02 25th.PNG


I already filled in the 'select driver' form...except for the OS.

But you are right..if you don't feel confident take it to someone who can assist/do it for you.

Sorry - I hasn't realised that you'd already done that work for me. Thank you so much. Good job I asked though - my selection was wrong! Having done that I installed the update and apart from a few wobbles when the screen went black several times and then initially there were no shortcut icons on my bottom toolbar, everything went well. Fingers crossed.

PS On the Results page there were two items to be downloaded & installed. I didn't install the second one 'AMD Minimum xxxxxx' (snip I thought I'd saved didn't save) - should I go back and install that, too please?

0 Likes did right. Never choose/install the "minimal setup'>

Wonderful!!! Thank you so much.

One final thought -I've seen at least a dozen unanswered threads in the Microsoft Community from users with this 'shut down' problem. What I'd like to do is to share my good fortune and create a new thread along the following lines:
Title "Does your PC shut down suddenly? Have you got AMD drivers?
Body: I had this frustrating problem and signed up to the AMD forum ( They walked me through the solution, involving finding out what drivers I had and what I needed to download/install to put it right. It worked for me - I'm sure it'll work for you too if you contact them."

Or words to that effect.
(1) are you happy for me to create a thread? (You might already be a member there so could do it)
(2) if you are, please amend my text/title as you see fit.

(3) Given that so many OPs don't read/search as they should, the other alternative would be for me to reply to the threads I saw with words in the Body above, or suitably amended.
What do you think, please?


Sounds could just put a link to your post here.

will do. Thanks again for your help.