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Journeyman III

PC not starting after driver install

Recently I tried downloading the new Modern Warfare 2 game but my pc told me that I needed to download new drivers.  I have an RX 580 and when I downloaded the system and drivers it told me to restart my pc.  After I did this, my pc restarted and it never opened again.  It's been over an hour and a half with no signs of restarting.  Should I wait until the morning or try something else.  

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Adept III

Hi. What do u mean by system. From window update? After restart did ur pc pass the bios or just blank after restart. 


Yes I would try and restart it again. Do you have Video output while in POST? In another words are you able to enter BIOS with Video output?

Is your PC HDD/SSD LED lite flickering or on solid but without any video output?  That means you computer is booting into Windows but you have no video output.

Do you have any Trouble LED or Digital Codes when booting up on your Motherboard?

Best thing to do is try to enter Windows Safe Mode, if you have video output, and remove  the current AMD Driver to see if you now have video Output while booting into Windows again.

If you have Windows 10 or 11 if you restart your computer 3 times before entering Windows it will automatically show Windows Troubleshooting Menu. From there you can either do a Windows Restore before the time you updated your AMD driver or enter Safe mode with Network.

Once you remove the current AMD driver try installing the previous AMD driver you had to make sure everything is back to normal.

Then post back to see what you can do next.