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Pc lag with Radeon HD 8400 / 8670m 2020 drivers


AMD G.Cards:   AMD HD 8400/AMD HD8670M (Dual)

Laptop System:   Hp pavilion 15-n001la

Operating System:   Windows 10 V.1909

Driver Version installed:   Crimsom 16.6 (2016)

CPU:   AMD APU A6-5200 Quad Core 2,0Ghz

Ram:   4GB


My Issue:

Hello, please excuse me if there is a word from the English lexicon that is misused, I speak Spanish, but I write in English to my null knowledge: /

The problem I am having is that on the page of my laptop, amd drivers from 2016 appear, and 
I thought they were very old and I thought that on the page there would be newer, and if they did,
search manually to avoid problems, I found the version "Adrenalin 2020 edition 20.7.2" and downloaded
it thinking it was going to bring news compared to my old crimson, which when the new one was installed
the same program uninstalled the old version, and at the end of the installation, the problems started. ..
the laptop started to work with lag, it froze every so often (2-5 Segs), I verified that everything is
fine in the task manager, and I realized that everything was fine, there was nothing 100%, the 2 graphs They were
being detected, but I still had the problem, so I tried to uninstall the driver that I had previously installed (Adrenalin)
and installed the one from the HP page, and it worked normally, as always. my queries are based on. Is there a way to install a newer driver but that does not cause problems?
Based on this question I read that to avoid this I have to install the newest version of the year 2019, I did not do it yet for fear of problems again ...
What should I do in this situation? Thanks in advance and Greetings from Argentina. C:
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Re: Pc lag with Radeon HD 8400 / 8670m 2020 drivers 

Try a clean install of the 19.12.1 drivers. They have been proven to be most stable and installation has not been a issue. I still use it.