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Journeyman III

PC freezing , random restrarts

Hello everyone! I built a Gigabyte x570 pro WIFI Ver 1 , 3800x , 32 gb gskill , evga 2070 super with Win 10 almost 3 years ago with no issues . In the last six months I have been trying to fix a system lock up or freeze as they call it. It usually happens after I have been on the pc for a few hours and when it happens the sound screams at me in one loud tone as well. Then the system reboots itself . I have done most all I can think of, making (computer just locked up on me and restarted just now) sure all drivers are up to date, Bios is at f36a, reseating components , moving to Win 11 clean install, making sure I don't have Patriot Viper rgb software installed, don't have Fusion either, I just don't know. This time when it froze, the sound did not go crazy so that's not even consistent. Temps all look good, no overheating. Power supply seems to be ok, not getting any BSOD , and no dump files are written out. Perplexed! Anybody got any ideas?

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Hi, I know its a pickle when you have a system for so long perfectly OK and then it goes sour. But hardware is not a fine wine, parts do get old.

Start by troubleshoot the memory.
Upping the voltage a bit maybe, removing XMP or lowering it, loose some timings and memtest it for some hours.
Remove one stick then the other.

CPU side
You can try disabling the PBO on BIOS to see if that helps.

Then go after the SSD/NVME
Check for badsectors, check event viewer for stresses with the disk, check SMART for possible errors. Use a tool like Macrorit for home users portable. If you have another drive, try it out with a fresh install.

What PSU do you have?

Good Luck!
Do you have 2x16 or 4x8 on the Ram?

The Englishman