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Adept I

pc freezes - rx 590

Hello, i have 2 monitors connected to my RX 590 that just suddenly turn off and forces me to reboot my pc, i have no FPS drops, my monitor just turn off after my GPU gets to temps between 70 to 75 degrees and the fans are max speed. It started 3 weeks ago. My PC is 1 year old.

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU:

RX 590 - 8gb Gigabyte

Ram: 16gb - 2x8 gb

PSU: Seasonic 750W Gold (just bought it)

Monitor: Asus 144 hz (display port) - Dell 60hz (HDMI)

I've read that the 21.2.1 update is supposed to fix my problem, but it seems to only apply to VEGA GPUs. Does anyone else has this issue?

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