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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

PC freezes on a solid color screen or the game itself will just crash and driver timeout error pops

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor

16.0 GB of T-force RAM running at 2400 Mhz

Windows 10

RX 580 8gb Saphire Nitro

MSI B450 Tomahawk

Adata SU 800 256 gb

Baracuda 2tb HDD

I just wrapped up running an hour-long session of Heaven and prime 95 (stressing both RAM and CPU) and I can't recreate the freeze/crash errors I've been getting.

I've already used DDU in safe mode to revert to a much more stable version of my drivers that I know worked before but that hasn't worked.

After that I've tried out the recommended drivers from AMD's site, I've already reset windows from within "recovery" in the windows settings and chose the "remove everything" option. I've updated my BIOS and chipset drivers.

I've noticed that most of the time when a game crashes I receive a "cpumetricsserver.exe" error in reliability monitor.

Neither my CPU and RAM are overclocked, my GPU's vram on the other hand has this weird situation where it used to idle at a 2100 Mhz until I disconnect my second monitor but it instantly shoots back up to 2100 mhz when I open up a game. I've never touched my vram's clock speed so I don't know why it boosts that high under load and I can't set it any lower with Afterburner.

I've run the check disk command on both my SSD and HDD. I'm very much out of ideas to try and am starting to assume that either my GPU or CPU are starting to falter.

If anyone knows any other tests or tricks to try to sus out the issue, I'd gladly accept the advice.

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