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PC can't recognize speakers after standby (RX580 update) + AMD High Def Audio Device gives error

Hi all, after my last GPU drivers update Windows 10 doesn't recognize my Logitech Z313 speakers after waking up my AOC C24G1 monitor. If i restart the system it recognize the audio coming from monitor (the speakers are connected by green jack to the monitor) but if PC goes standby mode or i turn off the AOC, when i turn it on the audio doesn't work from speakers (system automatically switch to my Corsair headphones).

I've noticed an error with AMD High Definition Audio Device when the system resumes, but when i try to reinstall drivers says the lates ones are already installed, tried to remove and reinstall but nothing changes.
I've thought there could be an issue between AMD HDAD and Realtek drivers but don't know how to repair it.

How can i do? I've already tried DISM command and reinstalling DISAMD but nothing changed

Here some screens that could help figure the problem out:

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Try connecting the Logitech Speakers to the PC instead of the Monitors. See if that fixes your problem.

Connecting to the Monitor might be the reason why you are having that problem since Audio needs to go through the Monitor itself.

If your Headphones uses the same 3.5 mm plug as the Speaker than you need to find another way to connect your Headphones if your PC doesn't have an extra 3.5 MM port.

Also in Windows Sound Panel you must make the Logitech Speakers "Default Audio Device" for it to work all the time once you connect it to the PC Audio/Headphone port.

Note: You can always purchase a USB>3.5 MM Audio Adapter and connect the Logitech to a USB port instead of a 3.5MM Port.

EXAMPLE ONLY:   (Don't know how well this will work or not)

Hi Elstaci, do you think this is an issue with the jack 3.5mm? I've connected the speakers to the port in the back of the PC but nothing has changed. I think it's a software problem because the device get recognized but after waking from standby doesn't get anymore


If you connected it to the back of the PC to the motherboard and it continues the same problem, then most likely it is a software issue.

Go to Windows and prevent your computer from going to sleep as a work around for the time being and see if that works temporarily.

Sounds like a Windows issue.

Open a thread at Ten Forums website and see if anyone else has a similar issue there that can help you from here: 

Also at Microsoft Forums from here: Results in Windows - Microsoft Community 


I've opened the thread at Ten Forums, waiting for replies. Yesterday I wrote a message on the Microsoft support community but no one answered, this is driving me crazy

I have Logitech 2.1 speakers, different model, also but it connects with USB instead of 3.5MM cable. Those Speakers worked fine on my computer and now on my wife's computer with Windows 10 Pro installed.

Try opening a Logitech Support ticket and see what they suggest.

As a last resort, you can always purchase that USB>3.5MM Audio adapter and see if that fixes your problem.

But if it doesn't then you will have wasted $10.00 or more on a adapter.


I've tried using a Corsair connector but nothing changed. The error with AMD HDAD is still there after i standby the monitor. I've tried disabling Realtek but nothing changes, and Logitech speakers works so it must be AMD drivers fault but don't know how to solve (tried to uninstall and reinstall too, but still)


If you believe it is an AMD Driver issue then I suggest you open an Online AMD Service Request (Official AMD SUPPORT) and let them know and see what they suggest: 

Journeyman III

This sound seems when i push ALT button too or transfer to the sport window through clicking ico on side panel help. And it comes from the device sounds. I didn't have this hassle till i setup adrenaline.