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Adept I

Original Quake CD on 64 bit sys.

How can I play it? Computer keeps telling me it can't install game however I can play Quake 2 just fine. I was told it was because it was designed for 32 bit systems. Can I use a VM or some kind of emulator to play it? It's one of my favorite games and it's on an original cd. ~Help~

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PC information including Windows Version installed.

Windows x64 is able to play x32 bit apps or games. The majority of all 3rd party apps in my computer are 32 bit apps.

What error(s) are you getting when you tried to install the Quake game?

Could also be a DX issue. Go to these Gaming website and click on "Can I Run It" and see what it says:

System Requirements - Can I Run It

PC Game - Can I Run It

Try installing using Microsoft Install/Uninstall Tool and see if that helps any or give you a error or reason why it failed to install from here: Microsoft Install/Uninstall Tool


Web search your topic title, you'll find posts for mod packs to install/run it.

Or current steam sale only a few $.

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