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Journeyman III

Only 2 channel audio available via AMD HDMI Audio Output (Radeon HD Mobility 5730)

Hi, I have previously had 5.1 surround sound output from my laptop through HDMI to my home theater speakers working fine but at some point recently (6-12 months?) this has dropped to 2 channel stereo and I can't seem to rectify.

Audio is output from a Dell Studio 1749 laptop:

- Windows 10 Home 64 bit

- Intel i5 M540 @ 2.53GHz

- 8Gb Ram

- AMD Radeon HD Mobility 5730 (driver version, AMD Radeon Crimson 16.2.1)

A/V Output is from laptop via HDMI cable to a Panasonic Bluray home theater system with 5.1 speakers (virtual 7.1 compatible), visual signal then passes out via another HDMI output from HT system to a HD flat panel TV.

5.1 sound with just the home theater and TV alone is fine (all speakers present and test correctly).

HDMI output from the laptop is dedicated through the AMD graphics card. Windows confirms output is via the AMD graphics card HDMI port. But on Windows -> Device Properties -> AMD HDMI Output -> Supported Formats tab the 'Max number of channels' is fixed at 2. When I run any speaker configuration test it is limited to 2 speakers (left/right).

Windows is fully up to date. I have completely uninstalled all AMD drivers using the AMD clean up tool. Drivers are all up to date. I have tried using AMD Catalyst and Crimson software and neither has helped (neither even seem to have any tweaks for the HDMI output). Dell won't help as they no longer support this laptop model and Microsoft Support have been about as useful as a chocolate teapot

I have noticed some people have asked this before but none seem to have any resolution.

Anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.

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> Windows is fully up to date

Looks like it is the exact problem.

At the moment I'm trying to find out how to disable Windows number of audio channels limit to just 2.0 when connected to a TV via HDMI and there are very many claims that the surround sound has disappeared with one of the Windows 10 updates.