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Journeyman III

On newer drivers taskbar popsup for 0,5 second while watching videos in mediaplayers

as in the title, I bought on friday Hellhound. On saturday I updated BIOS to newest. On sunday I finally had time to install it. DDU, new drivers.
After a little time I noticed that in mediaplayers like PotPlayer or VLC (for test) taskbar randomly popsup for 0,5 second, while watching files like MKV.
After some testing with other drivers (22.5.1, 22.5.2, 22.11.2) or turning tuning on/off and other I decided to bring back old GPU.
On RX 570 with newest drivers problem also appeared, but after I reverted to 20.2.2, it went back to normal. Any ideas?

- Windows 10, updated
- AMD Ryzen 5 3600
- Patriot Viper Steel DDR4 16GB KIT 2x8GB 4133MHz, overclocked
- Sapphire Radeon RX 570 Pulse 4GB GDDR5 / PowerColor Radeon RX 6700XT Hellhound 12GB GDDR6
- be quiet! Straight Power 11 650W 80 Plus Gold

2 Replies

taskbar randomly popsup for 0,5 second, while watching files like MKV.

That happens in games as well. At this point it is hard to tell, which issue it specifically is. But yes, it is frequent one.
Wait for next driver updates, i guess? Because that's what i am doing as well. Or rollback


This has been happening for me since even before i had an AMD gpu even on my gtx 1080,  QtWebEngineProcess.exe is causing this i think which crashes and when it does it can glitch the task bar on screen for a split  second, i believe origin also uses something similar which must be why i had it on my gtx 1080 in the past, its btw part of the AMD gpu driver i am guessing its the web engine of radeon software AMD should probably update control panel to use something more reliable, i see radeon software often crash or restart probably cos this aplication is crashing.

Software stability has't really existed for me with radeon software ever since i own a 6900 XT, back in may last year, now even drivers are issue.

AMD seriously needs to get back their main driver team get them to work with current driver team so they can get experience needed to fix this, while fully fixing the drivers and get these troublesome issues sorted, at this point i would recommend not even installing optional driver either but that won't fix these issues, disabling MPO just fixes blackscreens it does not fix what causes the blackscreens, if your gpu driver crashes it crashes with or without MPO regardless, only your desktop experience becomes more stable without MPO, but gaming stays being a problem because boosting is broken clearly on optional drivers it boost way past gpu limits.

Lets say you have a watercooled 6900 XT your gpu is not thermally limited add a boost bug and it will crash often cos normally you have thermal limits that keep card in check and stable, but since those limits aren't there your gpu keeps boosting and crashing

AMD should really test their drivers on cards that aren't thermally limited this is probably where you see issues appear first if their something broken with boost algorithm, i doubt this is why radeon software and QtWebEngineProcess.exe is crashing tho

Must be a pain being a driver engineer, i wish i learned to code when i was young to late now , all i can do is setup docker and network boot environment etc and fancy advanced stuff the typical user can't be arsed to learn and some automation.

Hard to get rid of my stress playing games if gpu driver keeps crashing with old drivers having all these issues like MPO flicker that is fixed in an unstable driver.

I wish AMD felt the same way as i do currently, giving up on life and not wanting to move on anymore, hire some Q A people maybe even get some volunteers from community i already see plenty users post regularly that are probably intrested, get some chat sessions going and get stuff actually fixed instead of claiming to fix things that you clearly did't fix *cough* enchanced sync will still blackscreen unless you disable fullscreen optimisations, and bandaids like having enchanced sync turn off during video playback is nice but it be nice if such a thing was mentioned, personally i think its better then having a blackscreen but this is not a fix really this just a lame bandaid.

If seen lame bandaids done by Nvidia that never worked, trust me enchanced sync is still broken and will remain broken unless the issue it self is adress, get in touch with Microsoft cos their fullscreen optimisations are outdated probably anyway as well as MPO and other windows features that cannot keep up with fast gpu's like modern graphic cards.