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Journeyman III

Oculus Link not working with Latest Graphics drivers 20.11.2


I was pulling my hair out trying to get Oculus link working with my PC for the past few days. Switching boards, power supplies, USB cards, ect.  Every time I would enable oculus link the Quest 2 HMD would power on for a second then disconnect immediately. 

In a last ditch effort I rolled back to 20.9.1 driver and fixed the connection issues. Hopefully someone at AMD can look into this so this issue doesn't roll out in the standard release. 


edit: using RX Radeon Vega 64

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Adept I


Double post


Adept I

Oculus says that AMD's last 3 drivers will not work and that AMD does know about it!

According to Brett(Oculus guy I've talked to), AMD has known about this prior to release 3 drivers ago...about August'ish I think...AMD has been very difficult to work with and refuse to correct their code! Sounds like some inner drama is affecting us costumers. I would get on the horn and contact AMD, tell your friends as well, cuase if that's true, this is bull**bleep**! But tbh AMD has had driver errors for years, although they've said it's obviously isn't! As their drivers used to work fine last March, and before then! It says on the box of our AMD cards that it's VR Ready, and Oculus is pictured so that's false advertisement!