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Adept I

Oculus dashboard menu and rendered controllers may appear bouncing/wobbly on Quest 2

This has been an issue since the first preview driver in May, and has affected all drivers released after that, including 22.9.1 released today. A little over 4 months.


Why has this been an issue for all this time with the most popular VR headset? Controllers and dash were fine with 22.5.1.

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Adept I

Yeah, the issue just seems to have gotten worse with time, I feel like the wobbliness and jittering has gotten worse with the driver updates since 22.5.1. It also is bouncy for me in anything I launch not just the Oculus dashboard.

So it's either staying on 22.5.1 and skipping out on the OpenGL improvements and not being able to launch new releases like COD MW2 or downgrade everytime I want to use my headset.

Adept I

Strange. Not a VR game / related to VR but SnowRunner have huge issues after 22.5 driver as well. After DX11 upgrade which was in May right?