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Adept II

OBS + Ryzen 7 5700G + RX 6600 XT = Headache

Ok, this is what I did and why.

I recently got a Ryzen7 5700G and a RX 6600XT. I do lets plays with streaming.

The idea I was going for, was that the CPU and GPU and be used for games while the Intergrated CPU GPU could be used for handling the stream & recording.

Everything went in fine. However, I can not do this.

If I use current versions of both AMD drivers and OBS. When I go to the AMF settings and look at the Video Adapter setting. In the drop down menu it only has 'RX 6600 XT' listed as a detectable device.

With OBS, I have gone all the way back to version 27.0.0. And The same problem persisted.

So I embarked on installing drivers that from the oldest to most recent that support both hardware seeing what happened in OBS in regards to detection.

This was my findings.

21.8.2 - OBS can see CPU GPU. But files and stream are garbage
21.9.1 - OBS can see CPU GPU. When starting encoding, get encoding error
21.12.1 - Removes CPU GPU

So the ability to detect the card and use it is being defined by the drivers. As in these tests I used the same version of OBS (27.2.1).

It is also worth nothing that with both the GPU and Intergrated CPU GPU, that in my Radeon control panel, Record & Stream (aka Relive) is completely missing. In all versions of amd drivers installed in the system.

Now, before you go 'but the AMF encoder hasnt been updated in OBS since 2019'. Which I know you will.

I also tried using StreamFX plugin to try and get it to use the Intergrated GPU. And I have failed, as every time I try and point that FFMPEG AMF encoder at the Intergrated GPU, it would just use the RX 6600 XT instead.

I even tried a modified AMF encoder that was posted in the OBS plug in forums. This was posted about Dec 19th of last year. And its the same issue, every time I try and point the encoder to the Intergrated GPU. It just sends to the RX 6600 XT.

Any thoughts or idea?

As right now, I really feel a fool for having attemping this right now, as everything points to this being a AMD software problem. And what doesn't help, if that there is no one that I am aware of at AMD making improvments on the AMF encoder within OBS.

In recent years, Nvidia has really raised the bar on h264 streaming encoding. That blows AMD out of the water for streaming. But don't get my wrong, I love the AMF h265 encoder for my recordings. But I can not use that encoder for streaming to youtube or twitch.


A) look into this issue (as for the last two months, with every new driver version I redo a encoding test and then full in a bug report to AMD though the control panel about this issue) as I can see alot of people considing this idea, as using an Intergrated GPU for streaming and Recording would almost be like using a dedicated card in the PC to handle it, which would in total, make the gaming betterin.

B) look to support the AMF encoder with in OBS so people have a option to compete againest the Nvidia encoder.