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Notebook screen doesn't work after installing new AMD 2020 drivers

At the end of the installation process, you are supposed to restart the notebook. After booting back up it seemed totally normal, but for some reason after logging in through windows hello the IR LEDs next to webcam stopped shining but the screen remained frozen at the same login gate but my external monitor connected through USB-C showed the desktop bu the other one remained frozen. I then restarted the computer a couple of times again to see if that would help. but it did nothing. Then I switched to only the external monitor trough keyboard shortcuts and installed the AMD driver again, but it seems to not have worked again because the problem remains, Although this time the screen refreshes every like 15-30 seconds if I mirror the view from my external monitor to the notebook monitor. I also noticed that the USB accessories I had connected trough my USB-C hub don't seem to be recognised by the computer but if I connect them a straight through to the computer it recognizes them straight away. 

I have a HP envy x360 13 inch 2018. Never had a problem with AMD drivers on this computer.

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Where did you get the drivers you loaded? If from AMD that may be your issue. Always best to run the latest driver from the company that made your laptop. Laptops are rarely reference designs. The AMD vanilla drivers don't have any changes made to the software to work with any non-reference changes your laptops make used. So I would suggest running DDU and return to the last driver from HP. 

If that is what you did, I would contact HP for support on their laptop.


Yes you are right, I downloaded straight from AMD. I didnt know that, thank you. I uninstalled all the drivers trough safe mode and then downloaded the drivers from HP but there is not a version for windows 1909, which I have, so I downloaded it and it says that it doesnt support my OS so I downloaded the later one and that installed but the computer still said that there is no graphics driver so I updated my BIOS and installed an old graphics driver from late 2019 and that seems to be working for now. BTW HP support sucks.


This is the problem with laptops especially the lower end ones. They tend to have the strange setups but also stop getting the updates faster than expensive models. Regardless of price most laptops don't get the updates from the OEM's they deserve. Then you only have the vanilla drivers to choose from and they may or may not work the same. Then on top of that we have Microsoft who is making changes to Windows graphics subsystem at a feverish rate and you need updates for that too. This is frankly why I always warn against laptops for gaming or workstation workflows. You just can't count on the longevity of support. They however will be happy to sell you another one. 

Let HP know your issue and you can also contact AMD here:


It would be helpful if you supplied the info asked for  mainly what graphics do you have? I suspect a APU...but maybe not.

Looks like on that model laptop the ones equipped with AMD use: AMD Ryzen 7 2700U processor and Radeon RX Vega 10 graphics. It would be great for the OP to confirm specs. 

Yes thats exactly it.