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Journeyman III

Not able to access bios screen/random black screen with 6600xt

Hey. I was just able to get a 6600xt. I uninstalled my old nvidia drivers, and installed the drivers for the 6600xt. I have had nothing but issues with this card since i got it. I have tried to uninstall all drivers and update the motherboard drivers. I cannot access bios, safemode, or any other windows repair settings. I have tried and i just get a black screen or in the case of the bios it just loads right into windows with no option for bios. I am also getting CONSTANT black screens. I have had about 6 black screens since starting to type this. My computer is unusable. It will go black, and turn back on, sometimes it flashes green or has lots of static looking stuff. I am desperate for help. Please!


Ryzen 5 3600x

Asrock b450m pro4

powercolor hellhound 6600xt

750 watt psu 


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Adept I

try to unplugged your bios battery in your mobo, the bios will back to deault setting


i have done that 3 or 4 times already. also, currently, i am unable to get any display output on from my computer. it is just a black screen when i turn it on. no boot logo, no windows logo, just black screen. 


UPDATE: i got my computer to output a display after not being able to. I uninstalled all old drives in safe mode with ddu, and reinstalled the radeon adrenalin software. i am STILL unable to access my bios and safemode/other windows recovery features. I havent had a black screen (yet). 


I had a similar issue with my DP port with LG 4k Monitor wouldn't have any video output during POST only when booting into Windows. Needed to connect my HDMI Samsung TV (1080x 1920) to get video output from my GPU card during POST and change in BIOS the setting to CSM Mode (legacy) to get video output to my LG 4k Monitor.


i tried this but it didnt work for me. i am using hdmi for my display. i can try to get a dp to hdmi cable or something to use dp.