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Journeyman III

None of the AMD drivers (including the Pro variants) are able to install the Graphics cards.

So I have an Asrock h100 pro BTC+ motherboard intel i5 6600t 16GB RAM and windows 10 pro 64 bit.


I try to install my 13 Vega GPUs on that system and I drives me nuttss...


Not only NO driver (no matter what version I tried them all, only that old blockchain version worked but it is so old I cant work with that)  will install my graphics cards by just dying with a BSOD (usually "driver overran stack buffer" or "TDR video erro" or something like that. 


but for some reason while failing to install it also corrupts my windows!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I need to install windows again too!!!!





P.S I tried on 4 GPUs but it is a hit or miss.... 


only 2 GPUs work <-- by that I mean the driver gets installed without issues. 


P.S2, if I install the driver and then just plug in the extra cards it seems to work (sometimes gets very laggy) but the cards just crash from time to time. 


I tested the cards on systems only in pairs (so no 13 GPUs together in one mobo) and they work 100% fine 24/7 for days  only if I try the above "hack" (to install the driver with 2 cards and then plug the rest) they stop to work at random(e.g some times card 4 stops some times card 8 etc)  after a few seconds or minutes.