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Journeyman III

No VTT showing in Ryzen Master


New here and new to Ryzen so my apologies if this is a bit of stupid question.

To be honest, I've barely ever been in a BIOS in my life. All my previous builds have been fit parts and forget but wante dto learn some new things this time round hence the memory overclocking.

Next up, My setup is as follows:

Ryzen 3600

Asus Strix-E X570 Motherboard

Crucial Ballistix 3200CL16 (Running at 3600CL16)

When I was changing some settings in the BIOS to get my RAM running a little faster, These are the steps I have taken to do so:

- Enable DOCP

- Set SOC voltage to 1.1V

- Set memory voltage to 1.4V

- Set VTT to 0.7V

- Select 3600Mhz

- Set Infinity fabric to 1800

I then booted into windows and opened Ryzen Master to see how things looked but I noticed that there is nothing showing in the VTT section of RM.

Now, I'm unsure if this is my doing or a reporting bug from Ryzen Master or my motherboard. Has anyone idea why it wouldn't show?

I've attached a screen shot of Ryzen master for you to have a look at if possible.

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