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Adept I

No Virtual Super Resolution since latest update and ReLive problems

Hello! I'm having a weird issue.

I'm using the 18.3.4 update and have no problems. Virtual Super Resolution is enabled and I can pick resolutions up to 2048x1536 in many different options. I can do that for my desktop and also almost any game, which is the thing I'm more interested in. Also, I've been using VSR option in all the previous updates without any problem.

If I update to the latest drivers VSR says "not supported", and there is no way I can activate it. I've tried a thousand times and never could activate the VSR.

Also, I want to add that I wanted to update to the latest drivers (18.4.1) since it says it fixes ReLive when desktop recording is disabled but, it is still as buggy as ever. ReLive doesn't detect almost any game I try without Desktop recording. And desktop recording is so bad since it shows in the video the "now recording" message. Make us at least being able to deactivate that notification. ReLive is so frustrating!

Here is my PC. I hope you can help me (I'm more interested in the VSR thing since I almost gave up ReLive a long time ago).

GPU: Sapphire R9 270x, 2GB

CPU: i5-4690k


Windows 10, always updated

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