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Journeyman III

No video output from HDMI Port on 6700xt Red Devil (after getting a black screen) and how I fixed it

Hey guys,

Just wanted to quickly share a problem I came across and how I fixed it. While wathching a video on YT my main monitor (HDMI-HDMI) suddenly went black and shortly after the second monitor (DP on card-HDMI on monitor) also went black. Not my first time, a quick restart always solved the problem. But after restarting the PC, only the DP-HDMI monitor had video output, no output on the main monitor. I tried turning the cable, a couple more restarts but nothing fixed the problem. I didn't try swapping the cables between the monitors though, probably could have worked on main monitor, leaving HDMI-HDMI on second monitor, which I guess wouldn't display anything. As I don't have a spare HDMI-HDMI or DP-HDMI, as a last resort I went to AMD Adrenaline to maybe upgrade the drivers and had an error message, saying the drivers didn't support this version of adrenaline or something similar. Very strange, I thought, and downloaded the latest Adrenaline edition, which after installing and restarting the PC, fixed my problem.

So, here comes the question, can a bad driver or a corrupted driver cause such a problem? Or what could have possibly go wrong? I have video output after driver update now, like this issue didn't even happen, so it was not a hardware issue (I hope) or a bad cable (maybe). I just ran FurMark and I got a 11000 result on 1080p, not too bad, not too good, similar to a 3060TI, which is to be expected on my older setup. No hard crash, stuttering and temps above 75C on hotspot.

Specs (no OC on anything):

B450M Pro4 Ver. 1

PowerColor 6700XT Red Devil

Ryzen 2600x

2x16G ADATA XPG Spectrix D60G 3200 MHz

Seasonic B12 850W

Win 10


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