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Adept II

No updated driver for new games

So, for context there have been or by the end of today will be 4 big game releases this week and you are finally releasing driver 22.10.2 and not one of those game has been supported by you guys. I have no idea why or what keeps you from keeping up with PC game releases, but since you don't communicate with us. and fail to release timely drivers it all makes it look like you just can't be bothered.


AMD you make it unbearably hard to stay loyal. 

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Enchanced sync is also broken again it behaves differently on 22.10.2 i guess it was never fixed to begin with. now it caps fps at monitor refresh rate atleast it no longer overide vsync if its just as broken as before or less broken is debatable im not sure how broken it is, i just know it acts like regular vsync now