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No Multi-GPU/Crossfire support for Vermintide II DX11

Hello everyone, I made an account today so I could ask AMD if they could make a crossfire profile for DX11 Vermintide II on behalf of everyone running an Xfire setup today and in the future. I went on the steam forums for the first time as well mind you for this issue and was talking to a developer for Vermintide II named Hedge, great guy! He told me due to cost concerns, that a DX12 profile was unable to be coded into the game during development. This leaves crossfire support strictly an issue within the realm of AMD since fatshark is not financially capable of creating a profile for DX12 and neither can AMD since DX12 M-GPU support must be coded into the game directly which they did not do. I'm asking you guys to make a profile for DX11 on behalf of all Xfire users. I am using an 8300 with a 480 and 570 in crossfire. I'm using a Seasonic Focus Plus 750W 80+ Platinum PSU so my GPU's have plenty of power and always will for the products you manufacture. It runs games well despite the age of CPU because I'm using 5760 x 1080p and that is mostly GPU driven. I enjoy your crossfire profiles currently. I am playing the Metro series Redux nearly max settings at 5760px1080p in crossfire which is an amazing experience especially seeing the snow drift into the other monitors while he writes in his diary. It would be really cool to have functional crossfire drivers for Vermintide II. It doesn't have to be perfect, I'm using freesync so I'm not worried about tearing. I've invested heavily into AMD product as I do not want a monopoly to ever happen within the market. I bought the 570 under the pretense that driver support was available for the Vermintide II video game based on your patch notes 18.3.1 which specifically state that driver support is available for Vermintide II. Vermintide II is the only video game I actively play online that does not have Xfire support. I'm not bummed about my purchased nor am I going to return it since my games use M-GPU/Xfire however it is disheartening to see that support was added however crossfire support was ignored. My co-workers and I all play Vermintide II together and we are sad that we cannot see my rig run it very high/extreme settings because only one GPU can be utilized. I posted the discussion I had within the steam forums in a link below copied from steam directly so you can view the conversation between the game developer and the community. I would appreciate it if you would work with Fatshark on creating an Xfire profile specifically for DX11. Again I must stress, fatshark is not financially capable of accomplishing this task and Xfire users (people who bought your product twice) are in a bad spot. Please help us!Drivers & Software​ !

PS - I don't care about Physx. I turn that setting off every time regardless if I can run it. I just don't care for the gimmick that is Physx. GPU manufacture specific settings are not the issue here, the issue is I want my other card to be used so Vermintide II delivers a better experience then what I am currently getting.

Why is there no multi-gpu support? :: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Helmgart Keep - General Discussions

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Re: No Multi-GPU/Crossfire support for Vermintide II DX11

This forum is a forum of peers meaning people like you helping each other, not AMD employees. So when you make requests here, we unfortunately have nothing to do with that and nobody to pass a request to more than you do. For you to ask AMD you could open a support ticket and this is asking AMD employees: Email Form


Re: No Multi-GPU/Crossfire support for Vermintide II DX11


It is implemented and working in AMD Adrenalin 18.8.2 drivers: Warhammer: Vermintide II 4K Extreme 120' FOV DX11 Crossfire. - YouTube