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Journeyman III

No GPU workload option for Radeon 21.5.1 driver using a 6700 XT

There is no GPU workload option under Graphics/Advanced. 

I did a manual driver install Win 10 64bit with Factory Reset.

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Journeyman III

I have the same problem. I also use the 6700 XT I need the Workload option for playing older games that use outdated game engines. For example, when I play Minecraft shaders I get a low fps and high latency, while my GPU utilization is just at 12%. I have found no solutions to this problem. please help!

Why not try different drivers, like 21.8.2 are the newest.

i have the newest drivers, still don't work


I'm having the same exact problem! My laptop is refusing to use the GPU with 6GB of discrete processing power, instead opting to use the one with only 512MB of discrete processing, and there is literally no way to fix it. The stuttering I get from really beefy modpacks renders the game unplayable.


Go to this Control Panel Home- System under this PC and select advanced settings.

Select paging file and set that to the max allowable size for your system. This creates a space on your storage device that act like virtual memory or shared RAM. Its boosting the amount of RAM through windows software without having to change or add RAM.

It also acts like a buffer for your CPU GPU RAM and SSD/HDD reducing lag and response time.

Old tech been around since at least windows XP.