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Journeyman III

no drivers installed for this device win10 64 bit HD6900 series cards


I have a system with 2x RX460 cards installed and 2x HD6900 cards on riser boards. All 4 cards show up in the device manager but the HD6900's never accept drivers (automatically or by manually finding them) and only the RX460's show up in applications like Hashcat. In the AMD Radeon settings I only see the 2 RX460's. Attached are screenshots from the device manager and the output from the AMD problem report.

Thanks for your help!


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Are you trying to mine, or just trying to crossfire to play games? You can only have installed one driver version at time and since hd6900 are legacy cards (non supported) they dont run with the rx460 drivers, just not compatible in any situation.

Hi, no I'm not mining this is my password cracking system (I do digital forensics). With Win7 I had all 4 cards what you're telling me is that I need to roll back from Win10? With the software available in Win10 I found in the AMD Global settings a way to set GPU's to compute which boosted my return some but I still need the other cards to do +12 character efficiently.