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Adept III

No bug report tool in Windows 7 20.9.2 drivers?

So, I'm getting tired of two bugs in the Windows 7 specific driver that have existed for many driver versions without being recognized as known issues.

The first issue is a more recent bug, it's where transitions, like UAC prompts, Ctrl + Alt + Del, logging in, etc have a second or two of lag where the screen goes black before the prompt or action happens.

The second issue is a bug that has existed since late 2019, where at least twice a day anything GPU accelerated randomly gets laggy, like scrolling through a web page, watching a video, playing a game (even over 60 FPS), etc. It only happens when the GPU is not under much of a load, for example, it can also happen when playing FPS limited old source games, but most of the time, I experience it just browsing the web and watching YouTube videos. When the issue happens, putting a load on the GPU, with a game or Furmark does not fix it. The only way to temporarily fix it is to move any window, after that, everything is temporarily smooth again.

I decided to report the issues again, so I went to the bug report tool page, and only saw a Windows 10 download. I was reading the page, and saw this:

The AMD Bug Report Tool is also packaged starting with Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.7.1 and can be accessed by clicking on the bug icon as shown in the example below: 

So I opened the AMD Settings application, and found that the button does not exist.

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