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Journeyman III

No AMD graphics card driver is installed - AMD RX570 sapphire pulse


Over the past days I've been struggling with this issue and I just can't get it resolved. I keep getting the error on my pc that my graphics card isn't functioning. I've tried literally everything that I could possibly find on the internet. Installing, removing AMD software with DDU, safe modes. Bought an used graphics card, was convinced it had to be that, but unfortunately the same error. Even gave my pc a full reboot.

The used graphics card was apparently used 'a little' for mining. But that doesn't explain why my original graphics card all of sudden no longer works either. 

When opening the device manager it recognizes the graphics card but gives the yellow triangle (error). 

I'm clueless on what to do, any advice is welcome. But please no 'try re-installing'. Done that over 25 times by now. 

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