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Journeyman III

Nito+ 6800xt - New to AMD - Please Help if you can

I asked this question a few days ago in the General Discussions forum but haven't had a response. Maybe someone here will have some ideas for me? Worth a try...


So I just installed my first ever AMD video card so I'm not familiar with these at all. Played a little Cyberpunk and a little Doom Eternal and was pretty impressed. Running really smooth and looking great.

Then I went to run a really old game and it won't launch. The screen goes white, goes black, then shows my desktop shrunk into the upper left 1/4 corner of my 4k screen, then just drops back to the desktop. No error msg or anything pops up. I'm guessing the upper left corner is because I have the game configured to 1080p as it's not optimized for 4k screens. Interface elements are all too small to read at 4k. I did try removing the config files to see if there was something in there causing a problem but then it doesn't even get far enough trying to load to re-write them.

I've tried toggling various settings in the amd driver software to see if some particular feature was causing a problem. Once again, no luck. This game was already configured to run in win xp compatibility mode but I tried every toggling every compatibility setting in my current win 10, with no luck.

My prior card was an rtx 2070. I used DDU in safe mode prior to installing the new card. Other games seem to be running great. But this old game, Massive Assault Network 2 (very old), simply won't start. Unfortunately it's like my comfort food. I've been playing it for years just when I want to relax. I'm not willing to give it up but I hate to have to move another pc into my game room just for this one game. I will if I have to but it'll be a bit of a logistical pain.

Does anyone here have any ideas? Anyone have trouble running old games on AMD cards and found a workaround for their particular issue I might try?

TIA for any ideas you might be willing to share. I really don't want to have to set up another pc in here just for one game.


And I posted a followup...

I was pretty certain this was a driver issue but just to be certain I uninstalled the AMD drivers and let windows install a basic driver. It installed, if I remember correctly, a "Microsoft basic video driver", as reported in device manager.

Tried my old game and it started right up. Ran really crappy on that driver but it ran. I played through a game. About an hr I think. No issues other than performance.

So it's definitely the AMD driver. Are there any driver alternatives for Win10 other than AMD? What a pain in the *** this is.

I also tried installing the WHQL drivers from December. No luck there.


Any ideas at all as to what I might try? Maybe I'm asking the wrong questions. I'm open to any possible solution, it doesn't have to directly answer my question(s).

I'm currently thinking about setting up safe mode with sound support. Think I'll check now to see if safe mode will even run it. I'm assuming safe mode will be loading the same "Microsoft basic video driver" but I'm not sure of that.

TIA for any response.

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Journeyman III

Re: Nito+ 6800xt - New to AMD - Please Help if you can

So the game won't even stream over Steam Remote Play. "Generic error". An older version of the game (a compromise if I absolutely have to) that is sold on Steam so it's a real 'Steam game' will stream. But oh what joy, no mouse cursor so what would already be a compromise is unplayable. This game requires a mouse.

I've tried solutions I've found for this with no luck. Granted one of them was specifically targeted toward Nvidia cards. Of course I wouldn't be in this boat to begin with if I was still using an Nvidia card.

I am so over AMD at this point. A week into owning one of their products and nothing but a constant struggle with 0 help from anyone here and AMD fighting against me every step of the way. I'll never buy another AMD product.