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Journeyman III

Nightlight after 1903

After installing windows update 1903, i discovered the nightlight does not work with the current version 19.5 drivers. It does work with 17.7 however. anyone else familiar with this issue. or have any update on a fix? 

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Do you have the latest Win C.U., which is supposed to fix it.

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no it is AMD vega 8 graphics on chip

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Re: Nightlight after 1903

in Drivers & Software

Is this a laptop that also has Intel graphics.

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Journeyman III

yes i had the letest CU/ It did not fix it. Im still running radeon version 17.7. so far theres no issue with this setup/ I may try upgrading to 19.5 or later when more updates are released. 


most problems are with windows not the drivers