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Journeyman III

Newest Driver major crash/error on 7900xtx

So I saw I had an update in adrenaline and it showed it had improvements for The Finals, so I went ahead and installed it. Install went fine, reboot to finish install and whatever else is needed by that process, and it rebooted into a white screen. Bios screen still showed but additionally I can't get into safe mode to roll back the drivers. I have an old gpu laying around so I try installing that at the same time to have a display while I roll back drivers. This did not work, I don't think my mobo supports two gpu at once. So I grab my windows recovery tool, attempt to fix safe mode errors but the automatic tool can't find a solution. Try rebooting again, still same issue. Resort to the defcon levels of reinstalling windows, reboot again, this time, black screen no bios splash. Pressing f11 to get into bios does nothing, now it just sits at black screen for about a minute, until the pc shuts itself off. I've additionally tried (after all this) resetting cmos, swapping out the 7900xtx for my old 1070, and cannot get anything working. Why a simple gpu firmware update completely bricked win10 from being able to use the gpu I have no idea. It wasn't under load or bad temps or anything, zero issues up to this point so I'm not sure where to go from here.

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