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Journeyman III

Newest AMD driver is not compatible with eon-Vue

So hi guys, I noticed that the newest driver of AMD is not compatible with eon-Vue.
I know Vue is not as famous as it was before, but Vue still my best software to create 3D render.
I tried to run Vue with the latest AMD driver and Vue crashes as soon as I opened it.
So I need to use the older AMD driver to make Vue run without crashing.

My question is "Could you guys make AMD driver compatible with eon-Vue, so it will not crashing anymore every time I start using it"

I hope you could consider my suggestion here.
Thank you

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Strange, I went to EON-VUE website and under "Partners" it doesn't show AMD but does show Nvidia.

Screenshot 2021-03-24 172051.png

So I am not sure if AMD fully supports this program or not.

I suggest you open a AMD Service Request (Official AMD SUPPORT) and let them know that the latest AMD version is incompatible with EON-VUE from here:

Have you opened  a EON-VUE Support Ticket to see if they are aware of this issue:

Also since this concerns 3d Rendering maybe post the question at AMD Forum's ProRender and see if any other Users can answer your question even though you are not using AMD  ProRender software:

The worst that can happen is that they say this is a forum for ProRender only and to open a AMD Service request.