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Journeyman III

new world game crashing after latest patch

Help I am having problems also game crashes or locks up sometimes on launch { never get past character page} other times i get in and it crashes if i open J, quests or M, map or the ah, i have multiply 30005 errors and I’m getting and reporting amd driver time out crashes , I have been working with amazon tech support for 2 days now we have replaced c++, game uninstall reinstall , eca unisnstall reinstall , amd checked for updates on gpu driver none found last up date dec 4 game worked fine last week { last patch} I have updated mother board bios, I have run patch works test machine passed with great score { amd 5600x with 550 tomhawk and 6800xt solid state one t samsung 32 gb ram } i have run few hours off world of tanks had no problems at all i dont think it a hardware problem HELP???

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There are known problems with the game New World, I do not play it, I think they tried to patch it to fix it. You can find more information by searching the internet. One thing you can do is limit the maximum frames per second to 60 by enabling vsync in Adrenalin and the New World game. Us a tool that shows you the frames per second you are getting when you start the game like RivaTunerStatisticsServer. Please update your post if it fixes your problem so others can search and find the solution.


Journeyman III

Hi, i've been getting the same crashes in New world since launch. Have you fixed your issue?? Its so frustrating as i enjoy the game and i know others are having the same issue yet AGS are doing squat to fix it. 


Current build is 

Windows 11

radeon 5500xt driver 22.2.1

ryzen 7 2700x, msi tomahawk b450, 16gb ddr4 3200


I'm honestly amazed people are still taking any chances with this game given what happened on release #RIPGPUs #nvr4get

Volunteer Moderator

Yeah, this seems to be an issue with the game its self, try posting on the New World forums, you might get some direct help from the developers.