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Adept II

NEW update for amd drivers, guess who is gonna still using 22.5.1

AMD please fix already all the issues on the drivers ever since 22.5.2 everything went bad wattman erros making your pc reset with no reason, flickering screen, gpu not functioning, im even scared my self to test 22.10.2 because you guys seem to not care about the major bugs the whole comunity is complaining about the same issue and yet no word from your amd part

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Adept I

Good luck playing MW2... It enforces 22.10.2

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luckly not planning on playing new games, so im okay with that, we just want amd to fix their stuff before making useless updates, most of the community its on the same situation and people using older version so they can at least not get resets on their pcs playing something else

im sorry to hear that, yeah i probably wont update my drivers and hope amd can do something about it, although you should be fine just using the amd remover tool for drivers, no need to reinstall windows, i feel bad for the people wanting to play new games but not being able to do it because how bad this drivers get with every update


I haven't tried the new driver yet. I am still using 22.10.1. I do believe AMD shouldn't have the optional driver with WHQL in parenthesis which can throw off folks who don't know these are still beta drivers and can be misleading. 

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so far seem like people are having even worse experience with the 22.10.2 drivers, and yes i agree using an WHQL on an optional drivers its a huge mistake