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Adept I

New Sapphire RX590 Nitro+ crashing my system. Any help would be appreciated.

Despite really not being very PC savvy person I have recently built my first PC, however it's plagued by constant crashes / black screen freezes which i assume are caused by my GPU. These crashes usually happen while PC is under ( light ) load but i have experienced them couple of times even while my PC was idle or during its shutdown process. When the crash happens connection between my Monitor and PC would break down. Monitor would remain on and would enter a power saving mode while PC would freeze and stop responding to any keyboard input so that i have to restart it via power button. Restarting / plugging the monitor out and back into the GPU or Motherboard during the crash does nothing. Speakers would usually emit a static/buzzing sound and PC fans would usually speed up after the crash. There are never any error messages during or after the crash, except maybe: "Default Radeon Wattman settings have been restored due to unexpected system failure" message which pops up when i start the PC post crash. I can ( unfortunately ) replicate the issue / cause the crash to happen if needed. I don't play very demanding games and temperatures for all components generally don't pass 50-60c so i don't think that is the problem. I never tried overclocking or undervolting my GPU or changing settings in the MSI afterburner / Wattman or something like that. 

I am running latest version of windows 10 pro 64 bit, my only storage device is an 256 GB SSD. 
My driver is 19.4.2
My current configuration is:
Intel Core i3 8100 CPU
16 GB of RAM ( 2400 mhz ) 
RX 590 Series Sapphire NITRO+ GPU
700w Bequiet! System Power 9 PSU ( Bronze )

List of things i have already tried: 
 -Bought a new PSU ( upgraded from 520w Seasonic bronze to 700w System Power 9 from Bequiet! ). This made crashes somewhat less common but still common enough to render most of my games unplayable. 

-Tried sending the GPU back to the retailer, they tested it and said its working properly. 
-Tried different plugs and PSU power cables

-Tried running the PC without GPU. Couldn't replicate the crashes.
-Tried running the PC with my old GTX 260 GPU. Couldn't replicate the crashes.
-Countless clean GPU driver reinstalls in the safe mode with DDU. 
-Tried using older AMD drivers, ( 19.2.2, 19.1.2, 19.1.1 ). 
-Found nothing in Event Viewer that could have caused crashing. 
-Virus and malware scans, just in case

-Tried fixing Windows files, just in case. 

If this helps during my research online i ran into multiple posts from people who had a similar problem with similar or same GPUs but nothing conclusive. Possible causes for this seem to be: 
-My somewhat old LG FLATRON w2246 VGA monitor which is connected to my GPU through VGA to DVI converter. I don't know how is it possible for old monitor to cause PC freezes but at least one dude online with similar monitor setup fixed his issue by getting a new monitor. 

-GPU crashing when exiting / entering its low power state. There is a possibility that the voltages at these states are not 100% stable from the factory (they are set too low). 

I just wanted to hear an opinion from someone who might know a thing or two more than me before dropping another 200 eur on a new monitor or screwing something up with clocking and voltages in MSI afterburner / Wattman.  
Thank you for reading my wall of text! 


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Journeyman III

все бесполезно. надо менять видеокарту. я тоже купил rx590 nitro и она с первого запуска начала глючить. система у меня хорошая и всего хватает. но от этой карточки даже виндовс фризит.

Adept I

Congrats on building your own PC, I know this is probably realllllly late, but going by the website this cpu has onboard graphics, have you disabled them in the bios? and this cpu is rather old too  not sure where you are from, but a 450 motherboard and ryzen 7 cpu would probably be a better route for this setup, that is ddr4 memory you have right? Also that cpu only has 4 cores 

'"ttps://" is a link for that cpu IT may be causing the problem by not having enough horsepower to work with that graphics card, 

Hey, thanks for the reply! Also sorry, I didn't noticed it until now. 
I did figured out what was causing the problem, apparently there was a bug with the 0 rpm function for the gpu fans. 
I had to turn it off and tweak some settings in WattMan and now it works like a charm. Also thank you for upgrade suggestions, i will look further into it.


WOW good fix lol you lost me at the 0 bit lol joke. Had to stop using win 10 keeps losing the dam hdmi sound drivers bloody weird!!!!!!!!

Journeyman III

Hey! I also have the same problem with my rx580. Monitor loses signal after launching a game and have to restart the pc everytime. battlehammer how did you fix it, which settings did you tweak. Help!!!!!!


если я правильно понял то 580-590 не дружат с DX11 и win7 поэтому я перешел на win10 dx12 и подключил питание видеокарты через переходники от основных проводов, но это думаю необязательно т.к. на win 7 это не помогало. Теперь на win10 проблем нет, ни разу. Да и еще, на самой видеокарте 590- есть переключатель биос, он переключает частоту памяти по умолчанию 2000 и 2100 так вот я выставил 2000 и все ок!)  удачи. подключаю через провод DisplayPort 1.2


This is how i did it:
Go to Radeon settings > Gaming > Global Settings > Global WattMan
Under GPU tab set Frequency to Dynamic and Voltage Control to Automatic, 
Under Fan & Temperature tab you wanna set your speed/temperature to manual and then make a fan curve yourself
Increase Power and Min Acoustic limit to the max
Under Memory tab set Memory timing to automatic, Frequency to Dynamic and Voltage control to automatic. 
That should do it, i hope you will get it fixed. Cheers.  

Journeyman III

Tried those settings! At least the game doesn't crash after it launches but i get black squares floating on my led tv after a while and the game crashes and a notification saying "Default Wattman settings have been restored due to failure". Might be the cable that's causing those problems, gonna try using another hdmi cable. Don't know if the display is at fault either, any ideas? Thanks for the reply though! Very much appreciated. Guess it's time for a new monitor, any opinions on which one i should get for this card?


So you are saying that you can play games now without your PC crashing from the start, but they still crash over time? 
Did you had any shutdowns since applying the changes to the WattMan? Each time your PC crashes or shuts down in a wrong way WattMan settings will reset so you need to change everything from default to my configuration. Easiest way to do it is to save a profile once you apply all the changes and then just load it each time you crash.  

I also thought my screen was the problem since its pretty old and i was using hdmi to vga adapter to make it work, but since I changed my WattMan settings it worked like charm and i didn't had to replace anything so I doubt thats the problem. Im pretty sure you just need to mess with WattMan a bit more because apparently the software is buggy as hell. 


If you go to AMD Settings Display Tab. There should be an option to check your HDMI cable is o.k. 

The "black squares floating" bit had me concerned. Are you overclocking your GPU memory? 
The RX 590 Series Sapphire NITRO+ GPU should be able to run 1080p fine and new DX12/Vulkan games at 2K at ~  75 FPS /Hz at reasonably high settings. So high refresh rate (120-144Hz) 1080p monitor or 75Hz 2K is probably reasonable with that GPU. Make sure you get one with FreeSync and if you do intend to run 2K gaming then try to get one with LFC. 

Journeyman III

Добавлю что у меня монитор ультраширокий 2560-1080  75Гц  amd FreeSync подключение по displayport 1.2, я тоже думал что пробема в мониторе или в проводе потому что при загрузке игр и виндовс проскакивала полоса артефаков горизонтально экрана, затем система перезагружалась в разное время.  Никакие манипуляции не помогут! Ни настройки ватман, изменение частот,смена проводов питания видеокарты и т.д. не помогли. Все прошло только после установки виндовс 10 лицензия, последней версии драйвера и установил переключатель биос на самой видеокарте на 2000Мгц памяти.  и все)

Journeyman III

Before i applied those settings after loading a game, the monitor would display no signal everytime, the only solution being a manual reboot. but now the only game crashes to desktop after a minute or so after launching a game. Another concern of mine is my monitor only has a native resolution of 1360*768 so may be my monitor just cant handle the power of the graphics card and i am not overclocking my gpu either, it's running at the default frequency.

Journeyman III

Is the gpu backwards compatible with older hdmi versions. As far as i know my monitor doesn't support hdmi 2.0. It should be 1.4 or less. Does this has any effects while gaming and another issue is i can't run any benchmarks too. Recently tried timespy and other 3dmark tests and it crashes. I noticed that this only happens with directx. For anything else beside gaming and applications running directx the gpu has no problem. Adobe Premiere works fine but tried unreal engine and it crashed too. Unreal had those black sqares too before crashing.


думаю тут ничего не поделаеь, вам нужен новый монитор и остальное. проблема с драйверами видеокарты. я так понял что разработчики спешили ее выпустить и все драйвера оптимизированны под современную систему. 

Adept I


again I played a little bit with setup and here is what I did and so far no crashing.

First be sure to UPDATE your windows

1. I plugged a second PciE cable to graphic card (don't know if this actually did some changes but no harm of tryin and I read few articles about it)

2. BIOS on GPU switched to Performance (Silent mode is useless)

3. Set WINDOWS in performance mode

4. In power plan set Fast Boot to OFF

5. Go to AMD Drivers site and download 19.11.3. Optional drivers (do not install yet)

5. Go to SAFE MODE and use DDU to remove old drivers. Do not use option for windows to automaticly download driers.

6. Reset PC with network cable unplugged 

7. Install drivers you downloaded 19.11.3. Restart

8. Uninstall TRIXX and any other similar monitoring software. (Maybe they are in conflict with wattman)

9. Also disable NZXT cam of similar before Gaming or working

10. Go to Radeon Settings / Gaming / Global Settings  and set Wait for Vertical Refresh to OFF

11. In WATTMAN I used this settings



Played Witcher III for 3 hours without crashing with setting to ULTRA (only set Nvidia Hairworks to OFF)

1. FPS above 60

2. GPU temp max 55-60°C

3. GPU load max around 70%

3. Vents no screaming

So this works for me but I think this is no solution to our problem. AMD should provide working software.


It's not AMD its the card. It's unstable at its overlclocked speed and needs downclocking. Just had this with my Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon rx590 ...

AMD R9 380, Windows 10, Asus Z97P MB