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Adept III

New Radeon Pro Enterprise Drivers?

There hasn't been any new Radeon Pro Enterprise driver for months, when is a new one coming?

21.q4 sucks for gaming. Weird performance in games, recording relive barely works, 21.q3 works great. 21.q4 is buggy.

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What is the Make & Model of your GPU Card that uses Radeon Pro Enterprise drivers.


I have the cards below ( photos i took ) , RX 570 8GB Phantom, Two W5500's Radeon Pro and a WX 7100 as my main cards. I tested 21.q4 for all, drivers are pretty unstable and buggy. 21Q.3 works fine though. But I'm using my Radeon Pro W5500 and using Adrenalin 20.8.3 for over a year now, perfect drivers. Was just wondering about a new enterprise driver that i am also fully aware of it, its v22q.1, but its not available to the public yet. and it was release 2 months ago. 


Maybe @fsadough has some timeline concerning new drivers for Enterprise.

You cannot use Enterprise drivers for consumer cards. If you have a mixed of consumer (gaming) and ProGraphics (workstation) cards in one system, you have to use Adrenalin drivers.


fsadough, I'm very confused on what you're talking about?

My question and concern was about a new enterprise driver showing up, like when is one coming?

Also what you said is not true. I have been using Enterprise drivers for consumer cards for over 5 years. See this is why i told yall you need to also study and research issues with workstation cards for gaming. I'm really shocked about your statement. 




Bump can you please respond, because that's shocking that you didn't know this and you work for AMD. 

also my question had nothing to do with what you comment. even more strange that 2 users gave you a thumbs up for your comment ha. 


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In terms of Enterprise driver installation on consumer cards, are you referring to installation process only or functionality? Installation process is possible, however there is limited support. So, you are on your own.

Product Compatibility

AMD Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 21.Q4 provides support for both AMD Radeon Pro and AMD Radeon Graphics Products. AMD Radeon Graphics Product support is limited and not tested for Enterprise Quality.


" installation process only or functionality? "

Both. Been using Radeon Pro Drivers on my RX 570 all the time and i have no problems at all with anything. Pro Drivers for me even are better than Adrenalin drivers on consumer cards. For my W5500 Radeon Pro, i have no choice but to use older drivers that has the older control panel , thus using adrenalin 20.8.3 . Because the colors are all messed up with newer drivers on video playback/cyberlink, etc. I notice a degrade in colors using newer drivers vs older ones. Only seems to affect the w5500. which is odd.

Anyways, i just wanted to know when a new enterprise driver was coming, that's all   


Most likely next month