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Journeyman III

New radeon graphics driver update broke steam vr

Hello, i just recently updated from my old radeon drivers to the new recommended one from the tool provided (20.2 to be specific). I tried start up steam vr, however, my vive decided to set itself as display 1 instead of display the regular steam vr menu and background. I have tried activating direct mode to no success, disabling it as a monitor just doesnt allow it to function say that i need to run in extended mode, however, that is where the problem lies as it just get detected as a display. I am using an RX 580 8gb card with and asus z390-a motherboard, intel i7 8700k cpu, 4x8gb corsair vengeance LPX ram. My monitor is an asus vs297. I have no clue what to do at this point to either wait for a patch or something like that. I have no idea how to roll back my drivers as well. I have done multiple restarts uninstalled and reinstalled steam vr as well. Any help would be nice. posts here or to my discord maskamulet#9465 would be grateful, i respond to discord much faster.

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