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Adept III

New Radeon 19.12.2 driver question for a friend

Does this new driver support a switchable graphic laptop from Dell ,the DelI inspiron 15 5576 ?????

he has a R7 integrated and a FX9830p APU with a RX560 switchable graphics....gpu..and he tried the driver from the radoen download and it only seemed to detect the R7......

is this not good for switchable graphics laptop Dell Inspiron 15 5576?he is using the old radeon 18.2.1 because all the newer ones doe not support his machine...

need some answers about specific laptop vendors and the latest drivers for dead end supported laptops????

already checked dell site for drivers and they dead ended it with last 2018 driver.....

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Volunteer Moderator

You are not updating correctly. Read > Laptop graphics update...How to 

For laptops with AMD processors/APU's:

You do not update the discrete graphics update the APU. This updated driver serves both the integrated and discrete graphics. It is the only driver you install. It is important to know the integrated graphics on some APU's... 

Volunteer Moderator

You might find this helpful > 


FYI,I am using my own GL702ZC and the radeon driver is fine....but I havent tested it on games yet...


his machine uses 560 on high performance a...and the r7 i guess while on desktop.....

will this driver successfully detect both the R7 and the 560?


The driver supports both graphics. It is the only one you install. Read the other post concerning Enduro.

Journeyman III

The results of the tests so far indicate this is a driver issue with directx12. The most stable and highest performing is Radeon Adrenaline 18.2.1. All current ones including 19.12.2 lose huge amounts of performing with most directx12 enabled games going down into the single digit fps.

Keep in mind though this is at least with me purely a issue with directx12, using directx11 actually has much higher performance than directx12 using the latest drivers.

Also keep in mind that with 18.2.1 the inverse is true, directx12 has higher performance than directx11, as one would expect.

I appreciate the assistance though kingfish, unfortunately those drivers do not fix the issue's for me.