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Journeyman III

New drivers makes screen dim/bland [AMD Radeon Adrenalin 2020]

Just updated to the latest AMD Radeon drivers Adrenalin 2020. As soon as the installation was complete, my screen became a lot dimmer, washed out, more gray and less colors. However, the settings menu for the screen is unchanged, it's just "Windows" that has changed.

Is there a solution to this? I've tried restarting computer and updating/reinstalling the driver but it doesn't help.

(I own a RX 5700 if this helps)

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Journeyman III

Did you happen to change any sort of display / color profiles on previous drivers? I'm not entirely sure what the issue could be but make sure any changes to color that you've done in the past is still there (e.g. Windows color profile, digital vibrance, etc.)


It got fixed for me when I turned on HDR in my monitor's settings. Don't know why but I need to have it turned on otherwise the effect is still there.

Adept III

Here with an RX 570 it's the opposite - the drivers made everything too bright. Like you, all display settings in AMD's control panel are at default values. I did have a color profile for my monitor, but re-applying it didn't change anything. Checked all possible Windows display settings and they are the same as before. This was a hurried and botched driver release which needs to be taken OFFLINE.


I have RX 750 and running software version 20.11.2

Updating messed my colors especially red, everything looks washed up . What fixed for me:

Settings -> Display -> Custom color

Enable custom color and custom color temperature. Default values were fine for me.