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Journeyman III

New drivers cause problems with my monitors

Hello, since I updated to version 21.10.1 or higher, the new drivers cause problems with the resolution of my two monitors. And sometimes windows does not recognize my second monitor. All problems disappear if I go back to the previous version (21.8.2)

My hardware:

-RX 580

- Monitor 1: 1920x1080p, 144 hz, SDR

- Monitor 2: 3840x2160p, 60 hz, HDR

I have been using this setup for more than 2 years and it has always worked well. Until I updated to 21.10.1 or later.

With the new drivers my second monitor only supports HDR at 30HZ. And when Windows starts this monitor appears as a ghost, it does not correctly identify the monitor. When this happens I have to duplicate the screens and then extend them for the second screen to appear.

And as I said before, if I go back to version 21.8.2 the problems disappear. Hope you can help me, I am desperate and tired of looking for options in the configurator.


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It is helpful to update everything beforehand (Windows, Mobo chipset driver from manufacturer support). Download the latest Radeon driver 21.11.1 and then deactivate Windows Update and network card, device installation setting to no. In safe mode with AMDCleanup or better DDD delete all graphics monitor drivers. Now restart and install only the Radeon driver and monitor driver from the manufacturer. After a restart, the network card can be reactivated. This procedure prevents a Microsoft graphics driver from being installed automatically, the two probably do not go well together, corrosive!


Does updating the AMD driver from the one that works correctly to the one that doesn't because the new driver fixes some issue you are having?

Or are you just updating just to have the latest AMD driver version installed?

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There is a connection between the current AMD drivers and the current Windows Update. If it doesn't work, use the one that works. The Microsoft Radeon driver is completely sufficient without games. I only use all the updated latest drivers from Windows and AMD so I have everything under control.