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Journeyman III

new drivers AMD 21.4.1

This is my first post, and I want to express that I am satisfied with this new version of AMD drivers and first of all, I love the new option that they incorporated giving us to choose to our liking whether to install all the amd software, minimum or only The driver, in my case I decided to only install the driver, as a user and consumer I prefer only to use the driver or software since I only dedicate myself to playing and enjoying, it is my opinion and I hope it continues like this and congratulates AMD for this new option that They incorporated the drivers and not only that, but more than one other user will be satisfied with these new drivers, Greetings.

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Yes the new driver looks very good. I was very pleased to see an option to disable the hotkeys rather than having to individually disable each one. Having said that it looks like the "minimal install" will be perfect for me (no hotkeys at all).

So far it looks great, well done AMD.