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New driver's break switchable graphics on laptop

Was hoping to get some help, Asus and AMD keep pointing the finger at each other and I'm stuck in the middle with no solutions.

I have an X550IU Asus laptop which has an FX 9830p cpu paired with a 1gb R7 gpu along with a 4gb RX460 which is supposed to turn on when playing games. As I understand it's an odd combination and not a lot of laptops have this? The problem I ran into is official AMD driver's break the switchable graphics for any driver after ver 19.1.1. It seems like AMD gave up supporting these laptops? AMD keeps telling me to do basic troubleshooting like formating my computer over and over. They finally just told me it's Asus's problem and I need to use the driver listed on my laptops driver page. There was only one driver released and it's from 2016 which doesnt help me with newer games. Asus just tells me tough luck there's no warranty and to contact AMD.

When my driver's are working properly, games also never know that I have a RX460 either, it always auto configures my game for the 1gb R7 which is kind of annoying. If I alt tab out and open task manager I can verify the RX460 is running though.

If I try to install a driver after ver 19.1.1, it will install just fine and my Radeon settings still can see I have switchable graphics with the R7 plus RX460, but any time I play a game or do a benchmark, it's clear the RX460 isn't turning on like it should. I check the task manager and it says 0% utilization and my benchmark scores reflect the R7, not RX460. If I open the Radeon switchable graphics tab, it shows that any program or game I launch gets set to power saving mode which essentially disables the RX460. If I try to set it to high performance mode, it saves my choice but if I exit out and open the settings again it automatically changes back to power saving mode.

I've tried everything, formatting, driver cleaners, bios updates. Nothing is working. The only thing I can say at this point is switchable graphics laptops are no longer supported in AMD driver's and they have been abandoned which is really disappointing.

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