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Journeyman III

New Driver Released 6/29/2021 Causing Coil Whine 6800xt

Good afternoon,

I have had this 6800xt now for about a year. And I will be honest, it has not been sunshine and rainbows since I got it. After paying over $1000 for a high performance graphics card you kind of expect things to function properly, but this is not the case.

I have two questions:

1. I just updated my drivers and now I am getting what is called a "coil whine". This has never happened before and I have a strong feeling it is specifically due to the new driver release. What could have induced this coil whine and why did updating the driver trigger this response?

2. Ever since I got the graphics card any time I run Warzone, Fortnite or any other high performance game I will get "rubber banded" where it will fall behind and zip back to where it is supposed to be. This happens EVERY 45 SECONDS. I had to remove the card and put my 2070 in because it was so frustrating. Imagine trying to drop into warzone and you get a lag right before you get to the ground and SPLAT. DEAD. Why is this happening, is this just a fault of the 6800? I have it under warranty. Should i just start the RMA??


Thank yall for your help and insight. Have a great day.