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Journeyman III

new driver crashing FFXV (18.3.3) on RX 480 4GB

Who has vga amd, try this new driver.

I'm having a constant crash in altissia.

Driver 18.3.2 was working properly without any crash.
Now I've done the udpate and the performance is terrible.

Spec: Ryzen 1700 + RX 480

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Journeyman III

The same thing happens with the previous version worked well, but now I suffer constant crashes not only in Altissia but throughout the game, I find it impossible to play like that and was in the final chapter.

Journeyman III

Same here on R9 390, my game crashed 5 times in 2 hours while I only had 1 crash (probably not even related to the driver) in 100+ hours before the update.

Adept II


Since 18.3.3 the game crashed 3 times

Same here on Rx 580 8GB. I had screen flickering issue with 18.3.2 too. I went back to 18.2.1

Community Manager

Please submit a bug report at